17 September

Case Study: Virtual Assistant lands FOUR Clients in One Day!

Recently I interviewed one of our VAClassroom University students, Cindy Van Arnam, and was amazed at how quickly she built her Virtual Assistant business since starting from scratch just 7 months ago.

Take a few minutes and watch this impactful video as Cindy shares some super valuable and practical strategies for growing your VA Business here in 2017 and beyond!


Join Cindy and others in our September 2017 intake of VAClassroom University.

Check out all the details here!


Interview Highlights:

2:25 – The biggest challenge Cindy had to overcome in her first year of business

3:25 – Cindy’s #1 strategy for working smarter and not harder with her clients

4:58 – How Cindy discovered her niche and “zone of genius”

7:05 – Cindy’s top strategy for finding new clients (This strategy helped her land four clients in one day)

9:18 РHow VAClassroom University contributed to her success this year

11:53 – Lessons learned since starting her business 7 months ago

13:34 – The secret of success for any virtual assistant


3 thoughts on “Case Study: Virtual Assistant lands FOUR Clients in One Day!

  1. Allison

    Excellent motivation for people like me who are still sitting on the fence. Thank you 10-fold for opening up and sharing your story. I am looking forward to signing up for the VA Classroom/University and your insight has been helpful. I still don’t know what my “niche” (area of VA services I want to specialize in, i.e. content mgt, social media, etc.) but I know I want to work with politically and socially conscious bloggers, solopreneurs and small/non-profit orgs. Once again, thanks for a great interview. All the best and continued success.

    Virtually Yours

  2. Tovey

    I am registering this week and this has just reinforced that I making the right decision in pursuing my professional development through VAClassroom! Thanks for sharing Cindy.


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