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Here is a break down of the January launch dates and details:

We want to make this January Launch as profitable for you as possible, but also wanted to have a little fun as well! You will have an opportunity to WIN a number of cool prizes during the launch in January.

First of all, we have THREE awesome prizes for those Affiliates that generate the most sales and commissions during the University Launch…

FIRST PRIZE: iPad Pro with a 9.7″ Screen ($599 US) 

Check out more details on the iPad Pro here.

SECOND PRIZE: Apple TV 64GB ($269 US)

Check out more details on the Apple TV here.

THIRD PRIZE: Fit Bit Charge 2 ($179 US)

Check out more details on the Fit Bit. here.

Also, we are running a special Affiliate Contest for ALL of you that generate at least ONE SALE during the campaign. You will be entered to win one of the following prizes:

$150 Ikea Card

$100 Amazon Gift Card

$100 Starbucks Card

Affiliate Launch Schedule:

January 5th: Affiliate Launch Webinar
Join us for a special LIVE Affiliate event where we will share some helpful tips and strategies for generating some excellent commissions in the upcoming launch! We will send you a webinar link closer to the date.

January 9th: Pre-Launch Campaign Starts
We will be provide you with a whole variety of sample email broadcasts, blog posts and social media posts to promote a special FREE webinar and PDF Download for your subscribers.

January 12th: Webinar Event and Start of Registration Period
We will be hosting a special FREE event for your subscribers and will be opening registration to the January 2017 intake of VAClassroom University. You will also receive new marketing materials to promote the University.

January 20th: Registration Closes
This will be the final day of the 9-day registration period for VAClassroom University for January 2017.

We are super excited to partner with you to generate some awesome commissions and help your subscribers and audience develop the right skills to build successful VA businesses in 2017!

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