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Help! My Client Won't Pay Me!

August 20, 2019
To quote Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” While it’s impossible to predict the future, and even the best clients can fall on hard times, here are some tips and strategies you can employ to help prevent ...

How to Pick the Right Tagline for Your Business

July 23, 2019
Have you picked the right tagline for your business? Here are four tips for selecting the right tagline for your business.

What Students are Saying about VAClassroom

  • VA Classroom has been invaluable. They are always monitoring the changes in online business and providing new content and updates to existing courses. These aren’t “quickie” courses either. They are robust courses that go from A to Z in a clear and concise manner. VA Classroom starts with the basic building blocks of being a VA and work up to more detailed, finite instruction on every aspect and area of being a successful VA. They provide real life examples and templates you can use in your own business. Freelance University courses, with Craig’s guidance, will walk you through finding your niche, to designing your website, how to package and price to e-commerce, digital marketing and everything in between that you never ever knew you needed. Thank you Craig, Kelly and the whole team at VA Classroom!

    Trish Morrison
  • I really like being able to work at my own speed and learn things that I can use in my freelancer business. I love the Facebook group because people will get on there and ask a question that I may have thought of; therefore, the answers are really helpful. Whenever I have a question and email the [email protected], I get the answer within hours.I have changed my hours at work so I am off for Facebook Friday which is great but if I do miss it, it is recorded so I can access it at any time. I love love love VAclassroom.

    Tami Long
  • Your company is extremely welcoming, educational, well-thought out and professional! It is very evident how much time and effort you place into providing excellent customer service and content to your clients! Thank you for all that you do!

    Kristy Crippen
  • There is an abundance of content and the support is wonderful! Plus it is affordable, which is a huge plus when investing in business growth. Love it here! 🙂
    Renee Garrin

    Renee Garrin
  • This has been the BEST thing that has happened to me since I started my VA journey 8 years ago. It has given me DIRECTION, How To’s on contracts, proposals, onboarding, incredible Support and Knowledge.  I feel like I’m starting my business all over again but doing it right this time. Craig does an amazing job and I love all of the classes. He is not only knowledgeable but he’s engaging and recognizes the personal/emotional piece of what we may be feeling as he teaches as well. I just can’t say thank you enough!!!! 🙂
    Leslie Goldenberg

    Leslie Goldenberg
  • The training programs are excellent. For example, no other 30-day startup program compares to the VA 101 (I tried others). And there is so much technical knowledge: software / tools, soft skills, and business skills. The support and wisdom from mentors is superb.Marilyn Narotso, Words and Scribes

    Marilyn Narotso
  • I was very impressed with VA Classroom’s VA 101 course. I had been seriously thinking about becoming a VA for over a year and found the VA 101 course to be the perfect step in obtaining the information I needed to start my business. I wish I had taken this course earlier in order to increase my knowledge and confidence!

    Tiffany Howe
  • The video training along with the supporting handouts were very helpful. The length of each module was perfect for me, especially with my busy schedule.

    Sabrina Smith
  • After thorough research, I chose VAClassroom to provide further training for my content management services. During my first semester, the instructors, mentors, and FreelanceU Facebook-group members created a learning community that was supportive, responsive, experienced, and dynamic beyond my expectations. I am grateful to have connected with this comprehensive, learner-friendly, and cost-effective option for growing a VA business that embraces the rapidly changing technology and needs of today’s virtual business climate.
    Ranee Boyd Tomlin, PhD

    Ranee Boyd Tomlin
  • Whether you’re a brand new VA or a seasoned business owner, I’d highly recommend anyone seeking professional development and growing their VA business to join Freelance University. The collection of Certified courses, Library, monthly Office Hours plus the Facebook group create a rich learning environment and encouraging atmosphere. There’s an attitude of excellence in everything they do. I’m thrilled to be a student in Freelance University community!

    Pam Atkins,Admin Sidekick
  • Joining Freelance University has been one of the BEST investments I’ve made since starting as a virtual assistant in 2010. The courses are robust and easy to follow with a variety of options from those just starting out, to VAs (like me) wanting to enhance skills and specialties and learn new ways to help my clients. The support in the Facebook group is tremendous, from the mentors and other students to Craig and Kelly often jumping in to share their expertise. The value of the University is second to none. Without hesitation, I would recommend this University to all virtual professionals.

    Shelley McKenzie, TicTok Virtual Assistance
  • VAClassroom is one of the best online training portals you can find. Their courses are thorough, easy to follow, and relevant to the skills businesses and virtual assistants need to become more successful online. I’m very happy to have found the trainings at VA Classroom, and Craig Cannings is a wonderful teacher and trainer, too. I recommend them both, very highly.

    Susan Weeks
  • The Virtual Assistant Industry wouldn’t be where it is today without VAClassroom.
    Craig makes sure that the “mystery” around digital marketing and Social Media disappears and that it is possible to learn the material quickly and easily.

    Heike Hunscher
  • VAClassroom courses are brimming with knowledgeable instructors and great information. Freelance University is money well spent and you’ll definitely come away increasing your knowledge level!

    Ruth Martin
  • VAClassroom consistently delivers high quality training programs for Virtual Assistants. Craig’s genuine love of training and interest in helping participants, results in top-notch presentations and quality resources. The VAClassroom support team is efficient, interactive and very helpful. I highly recommend VA Classroom. This is the place to go for learning and growth as a VA.

    Janice Mcleod
  • I’ve enrolled in several training and certification courses at VAClassroom and they have always been consistent at offering training on high demand skills that are necessary for virtual assistants like myself. I highly recommend VAClassroom for all your training needs!

    Rebecca Ishibashi
  • Craig has been providing exceptional training for a number of years. When I was first building my VA business, I was drawn in by both Craig’s incredible energy, knowledge, and ability to connect, while delivering first-rate material. As my business has evolved, I have continued to take new courses, or upgrade my skills through VAClassroom. Thank you for providing such an incredible service!

    Tracey Ehman
  • VAClassroom courses are fabulous!! They are incredibly detailed and well laid out. I would not be where I am now, making a great living and earning a fabulous reputation! Thank you so much Craig! I will continue to take every course that VAClassroom offers!

    Serena Carcasole
  • Working with VAClassroom students has been a godsend for our company. The level of expertise we have experienced has been relevant, current and top-notch. VAClassroom students are affordable, accountable, adhere to deadlines and show initiative. They are able to foresee challenges and make informed suggestions to maximize our marketing dollars. I will use the Professional Directory for all my future hires.

    Angella Thompson,
  • “I’ve built and run 5 different successful online businesses over the last 9 years, and while none of them have been easy, there is one that has gotten substantially easier (and more profitable) in the last year. And that business? Is the one with a VAClassroom graduate handling a large portion of the day-to-day operations in the business. My wife and I have had several other VA’s over the years, and the one from VAClassroom is, by far, the best we’ve ever had.”

    Forest Linden, Art of Money
  • I have taken many courses from VAClassroom and can honestly say that my business would not be where it is without the skills I obtained from them. Thanks to VAClassroom, I can now offer an array of “in-demand” services which has increased my business substantially.

    Deborah Reynolds
  • VAClassroom gave me the tools I needed when I started my business years ago. I started with 1 client and now I have over 20 accounts and a lot of great clients.

    Sabrina Espinal
  • I think your training programs at VAClassroom are the best out there! I like your delivery, practical, engaging videos, the way you present information in manageable modules and your overall professionalism.

    Lara Nieberding

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