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[Tuesday Tutorial] Discover the 30 Second Elevator Speech for Your VA Business!

Let me set the stage…

You have arrived at this awesome networking event that is jammed-pack with many potential ideal clients in your target market. This is literally a hotbed of amazing income opportunities!

So, you strike up a conversation with a business coach who is actively looking for a new Virtual Assistant right now. The initial discussion is flowing well and you have a good feeling about this one when out of the blue he hits you with THE question:

“So, tell me a bit about your VA Business and how it differs from others?”

You freeze up, get tongue-tied and struggle to stay anything intelligent about your business. You then realize that you’ve never spent any time to prepare and practice articulating the ‘Selling Benefit” of what you do to a potential client?

In this short video, I unpack simple formula for creating a winning 30-second Elevator Speech that will engage your prospects and help you to attract your ideal client.


How to Discover the Right Virtual Assistant Niche

Since starting VAClassroom eight years ago, one of the most popular questions we receive is…

“What VA Niche should I choose for my business?”

In some respects, this is sort of a good problem to have as there are SO many popular and in-demand services niche to choose from.

In this short video, I walk through a simple three-step process to help you discover the Virtual Assistant niche that is right for you! This is important stuff so be sure to tune into this one.

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Are you passionate about web technology and apps and not afraid to get your “Geek On”. There are endless amounts of clients seeking VAs to provide technology support in a whole variety of areas from Ecommerce to Web Design to Email Marketing.