Monthly Archives: December 2016

Top Ten Online Predictions for 2017

It is truly hard to believe that we have officially arrived at the end of 2016! A year has past and a new year full of much promise and potential is upon us!

Let me ask you a question… How do you want your Virtual Assistant business to develop in 2017? What specific goals have you set for yourself? As you go through this important goal-setting process, it is helpful to know some of the most current trends and online shifts that will take place in the coming year as there might be an opportunity (that you haven’t thought about) that could lead to a whole new service and income stream in your business.

Recently, we hosted our Annual Online Predictions Event here at VAClassroom and wanted to include the replay here at our blog. Be sure to block out approximately 90 minutes as there are some really valuable insights shared here that could have a big impact on the direction of your VA business in 2017.

I have also included a audio version if you prefer to listen and download! Enjoy and please post your thoughts in the comment box below.

Download Audio Version Here

Ten Ways to Spice Up Your LinkedIn Profile for the New Year!

I don’t know about you, but the average professional with a LinkedIn Profile tends to “set it and then forget it”. In other words, we set up our LinkedIn Profile once and never really give it much thought again.

This is a misguided approach especially given the untold numbers of potential clients only a “connection away” in LinkedIn. This Professional Social Network is quite possibly the best place online to find new, ideal clients for your VA business.

In this short video, I unpack 10 key ways that you can spice up your LinkedIn Profile as we head into a new year. This is the perfect opportunity to block out a little time to update your profile so that you can present yourself in the best possible light to prospective clients in 2017!


Please share your thoughts and any other ideas you might have on creating a rockin LinkedIn Profile!