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Virtual Assistant Success Story

Case Study: Legal Assistant Launches Successful VA Business in One Year!

Meet one of our VAClassroom University Students, Tiffany Patterson, who is really hitting her stride in her VA business in 2017!

Just a year ago, Tiffany was working full-time as a Legal Assistant at a law firm and today she has quit her job and successfully transitioned to a thriving Virtual Assistant business.

In this video interview, Tiffany shares some valuable tips for those of you that are still working a regular job and would like to move to a more flexible Virtual Assistant career.

Watch and be inspired!


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Interview Highlights:

2:08 – How Tiffany transitioned from working as a full-time Legal Assistant to a successful Virtual Assistant in less than a year!

4:00 – The “ironic way” that Tiffany landed her very first client

6:00 – The greatest challenge she needed to overcome early on in her business

9:42 – The specific niche services Tiffany is finding success in right now

12:35 – Tiffany’s best strategies for finding new clients

16:48 – How VAClassroom University has impacted her business and opened new doors for her

The 2017 Virtual Assistant Annual Skill Report is Here!

I am super excited to share with you the 2017 edition of the Virtual Assistant Skills Report!

Based on a comprehensive survey completed by over 450 active Virtual Assistants, this 2017 VA Skills Report reveals some very interesting findings and insights on a variety of important topics such as:

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– The most popular services requested in 2017
– The skills most important to the VA’s business
– The preferred method of learning new skills
– The average hourly rate
– The best ways to find clients in today’s market
– The best website platforms to use
– The top Social Media channel VAs use to grow their business
– The most popular project management tools and apps

Plus, the report compiles a list of 74 different services that VAs are being paid for right now.

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