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Student Overcomes Obstacle to Launch a Thriving VA Business!

“With virtual work, there are NO barriers”.

These are the wise words from Lisa Galletti who was diagnosed a year ago with a degenerative eye condition that prevented her from continuing in her in-house Payroll Specialist position. Lisa’s employer was not able to accommodate her health condition so she was forced to consider a new path for her life.

In this inspiring video interview, Lisa shares her transition from a long-term career as a Payroll Specialist to building a thriving new VA business supporting financial professionals!

Lisa shares some powerful nuggets of wisdom including:

– How she was able to marry her payroll background with a new VA niche in the financial sector
– How to minimize the “overwhelm” in starting your own VA business
– How virtual at-home work can open up a world of amazing opportunities

This one is a must watch!


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Virtual Assistant Success Story

Case Study: Virtual Assistant lands FOUR Clients in One Day!

Recently I interviewed one of our VAClassroom University students, Cindy Van Arnam, and was amazed at how quickly she built her Virtual Assistant business since starting from scratch in 7 months.

Take a few minutes and watch this impactful video as Cindy shares some super valuable and practical strategies for growing your VA Business here in 2017 and beyond!


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Interview Highlights:

2:25 – The biggest challenge Cindy had to overcome in her first year of business

3:25 – Cindy’s #1 strategy for working smarter and not harder with her clients

4:58 – How Cindy discovered her niche and “zone of genius”

7:05 – Cindy’s top strategy for finding new clients (This strategy helped her land four clients in one day)

9:18 – How VAClassroom University contributed to her success this year

11:53 – Lessons learned since starting her business 7 months ago

13:34 – The secret of success for any virtual assistant


What the Virtual Assistant Life CAN Look Like..

Since 2002, I have had this amazing privilege to be able to work virtually from home (or wherever). To be honest, it has been life-changing for a couple different reasons.

Have a watch of this short video as I share a few stories of some inspiring individuals who have pursued the virtual lifestyle for very good reason!

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