04 October

7 Steps to Building an Awesome Business Plan!

I don’t know about you, but I used to find business planning a very cumbersome process that lacked any enjoyment at all… it was like “pulling teeth”!

That is until a discovered a “NEW WAY” of business planning that completely revolutionized how I structure my overall business plans.

Check out this 37-minute Facebook Live event where I unpack the “Seven Steps to Building an Awesome Business Plan”. Below I’ve included a sample 7-step infographic as well as the summary notes from the event.


Video Outline:

-40:33 – Opening Thoughts
-39:45 – Introduction to topic: “Business Planning in 7 Steps”
-38:05 – Story about being lost in Thailand
-36:18 – Business Planning in 7 Steps (an ongoing, continuous, in-flux process of mapping out your business in a strategic way that allows you to grow):
-34:40 – #1. Define Your Big Why and Your Vision.
-30:18 – #2. Build Your Financial Plan.
-25:23 – #3. Build Your Technology Plan.
-21:46 – #4. Build Your Coordinated Content Plan.
-17:31 – #5. Build Your Marketing Plan.
-13:16 – #6. Build Your Learning Plan.
-10:07 – #7. Build Your Productivity Plan.
-4:53 – Recap of 7 Steps and response to comments and questions
-0:18 – Closing Thoughts

Download your 7-steps infographic here:

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