Our Team is committed to inspiring and educating Virtual Assistants and Freelancers from around the globe to develop in-demand skills, create new income opportunities and design a flexible and rewarding business!


Since 2008, almost 10,000 students have made VAClassroom their education choice for all their training and professional development needs.

Now, if you were to sit down for a coffee with one of our long-term students and ask them why they chose (and continue to choose) VAClassroom as their go-to VA professional development platform, they might give you a whole variety of reasons, but typically these are the seven that we hear most often:

#1. Current and In-Demand VA Training Opportunities

Our commitment to our students is to ONLY create training that translates to valuable services your clients need right now. Co-founder, Craig Cannings is the CTS (Chief Trend Spotter) and through formal surveys and strong connections with the entrepreneurial community, he is always on top of the next important training that will lead to the best income opportunities for you!

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#2. Industry-Leading Courses

VAClassroom and its learning platform, Freelance University offers some of the most widely-recognized training certifications in the Virtual Assistant industry in such areas as social media, internet marketing, content creation, ecommerce support, virtual events, graphic design,  project management and a variety of pertinent technology training! A steady stream of entrepreneurs visit VAClassroom regularly seeking VAs and freelancers with the specialized skills we teach in our courses and workshops.

#3. Easy-to-Use, Step-By-Step Learning Platform and System

Have you ever taken online training courses that were not super easy to follow or just downright confusing? At VAClassroom, we are committed to creating a refreshing learning experience for our students through our easy to use, one-stop education platform (FreelanceU.com) that features certification programs, a robust course library and live, interactive workshops.

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#4. Specialized Training in the Most Popular Niches

In the Virtual Assistant industry, there used to be quite the debate on whether one should be a “Generalist” or a “Specialist”. Over time, we have consistently seen that those with specialized, in-demand skills ultimately create the best income and business opportunities for themselves.

We have created specialized training tracks in seven core areas including social media, internet marketing, graphic design, business management, content development, virtual events and technology all for the end goal of helping you hone and refine your specific skill sets so you can continue to provide awesome services to your clients.

#5. Authentic and Knowledgeable Instructors

Craig Cannings along with a talented faculty of instructors and Mentors offer a warm, encouraging and practical approach to your learning at VAClassroom. We believe that learning should NEVER be boring or irrelevant and we seek to develop well-designed, creative and fun programs to help you best retain and apply what you learn to your business and the work you do with your clients.

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#6. Meaningful Community

“It takes a village to build a great virtual business”. Yes, we know that it is not the expression, but it certainly rings true that the most successful Virtual Assistants and Freelancers didn’t build their business all by themselves… they enlisted support, mentoring & coaching along the way. Our University features an encouraging community of Virtual Assistants that motivate, inspire, inform and encourage each other to build the VA business of their dreams!

#7. Champion for Your Success

The greatest compliment we probably ever received was from a student that shared, “It is as if Craig  actually cares about our success”. We DO truly care about the success of our students and want to help them to build a thriving, enduring and flexible Virtual Assistant business.

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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about VAClassroom and Freelance University, please drop us a note here.

Kelly and Craig Cannings

Co-Founders, VAClassroom.com and FreelanceU.com