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The Future of VAClassroom and Your Business

We recently hosted a very important Facebook LIVE event where we unpacked the future of VAClassroom and unveiled our brand new learning platform, Freelance University (which we like to call FreeU).

We have some BIG PLANS for our University in 2019 and I believe you and your business will grow leaps and bounds by joining us. Have a watch of this Facebook Live replay and discover all the exciting change unfolding here!

Note: Press the sound icon on the botttom right of the video to unmute the sound.

Also, at the end of this event, we shared this powerful resource on “The 12 Best Ways to Find Great Clients in 2019″. Be sure to download and identify new ways to land the right client.


[Video] How to Build Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2018

The great marketing guru Seth Godin once said, “Content Marketing is the ONLY Marketing left.”

In the past few years, Content Marketing has become a serious buzz word online and yet most of your clients would probably say that they don’t really have a clear “Content Strategy” in place for their business.

Recently, I hosted a Facebook Live event on “How to Build a Winning Content Marketing Strategy here in 2018” that I think could be of great benefit to your business (and your clients). I was joined by one of our VAClassroom trainers and mentors, Susan Weeks, who is a Prolific Podcaster and Content Marketing Strategist and knows a thing or two about Content Marketing!

Have a watch of the replay:

Student Overcomes Obstacle to Launch a Thriving VA Business!

“With virtual work, there are NO barriers”.

These are the wise words from Lisa Galletti who was diagnosed a year ago with a degenerative eye condition that prevented her from continuing in her in-house Payroll Specialist position. Lisa’s employer was not able to accommodate her health condition so she was forced to consider a new path for her life.

In this inspiring video interview, Lisa shares her transition from a long-term career as a Payroll Specialist to building a thriving new VA business supporting financial professionals!

Lisa shares some powerful nuggets of wisdom including:

– How she was able to marry her payroll background with a new VA niche in the financial sector
– How to minimize the “overwhelm” in starting your own VA business
– How virtual at-home work can open up a world of amazing opportunities

This one is a must watch!


Join Lisa and others at VAClassroom University in our May 2018 intake. Check out the details here!

What Credentials Do You Need To Be A Successful Virtual Assistant?

In the VA industry, there is often much debate on which credentials and certifications are essential to being successful in your business.

In this recent Facebook LIVE video, I addressed this discussion and offered 6 ways to develop the RIGHT credentials for your VA business. Enjoy!

Video Outline

-24:44 – Opening Thoughts

-24:29 – Introduction to Topic: “What Credentials Do You Need to be Successful as a Virtual Assistant?”

-23:25 – How to Define Credentials (your qualifications, achievements, personal qualities, evidence of authority)

-16:33 – Discussing the Question: “Do I need certifications to be successful as a Virtual Assistant?”

-15:54 – Benefits to Getting Certifications:

-15:30 – #1. Builds confidence. It’s tangible evidence that you’ve accomplished something.

-14:56 – #2. Boosts your motivation.

-14:44 – #3. Helps you create a focus.

-14:21 – #4. Showcases your professional development (evidence of your authority).

-13:48 – #5. Gives you knowledge and skills to move into new niches.

-13:13 – How Do You Build the Right Credentials for Your VA Business?

-13:02 – #1. Be a student of your niche.

-10:08 – #2. Create learning blocks.

-7:47 – #3. Practice, practice, practice.

-5:52 – #4. Find a learning mentor.

-4:59 – #5. Participate in discussion groups.

-3:52 – #6. Be a curious, contagious learner.

-2:53 – Recap of 6 Ways to Develop Your Credentials

-1:53 – Importance of Developing Skills



7 Steps to Building an Awesome Business Plan!

I don’t know about you, but I used to find business planning a very cumbersome process that lacked any enjoyment at all… it was like “pulling teeth”!

That is until a discovered a “NEW WAY” of business planning that completely revolutionized how I structure my overall business plans.

Check out this 37-minute Facebook Live event where I unpack the “Seven Steps to Building an Awesome Business Plan”. Below I’ve included a sample 7-step infographic as well as the summary notes from the event.


Video Outline:

-40:33 – Opening Thoughts
-39:45 – Introduction to topic: “Business Planning in 7 Steps”
-38:05 – Story about being lost in Thailand
-36:18 – Business Planning in 7 Steps (an ongoing, continuous, in-flux process of mapping out your business in a strategic way that allows you to grow):
-34:40 – #1. Define Your Big Why and Your Vision.
-30:18 – #2. Build Your Financial Plan.
-25:23 – #3. Build Your Technology Plan.
-21:46 – #4. Build Your Coordinated Content Plan.
-17:31 – #5. Build Your Marketing Plan.
-13:16 – #6. Build Your Learning Plan.
-10:07 – #7. Build Your Productivity Plan.
-4:53 – Recap of 7 Steps and response to comments and questions
-0:18 – Closing Thoughts

Download your 7-steps infographic here:

Seven Steps to Building Your Credibility as a Top Notch VA!

Recently, I hosted a Facebook Live Event and tackled the question, “How do you build credibility in your business when nobody knows you?”

I am sure at one point or another, you may have pondered the question yourself! This is often a major challenge when you’re just starting out, especially since you may not have built up client references or testimonials to back up your awesome skills and abilities!

Have a watch of this helpful video and put these seven steps into practice:

Any other tips you would add?

Virtual Assistant Success Story

Case Study: Legal Assistant Launches Successful VA Business in One Year!

Meet one of our VAClassroom University Students, Tiffany Patterson, who is really hitting her stride in her VA business in 2017!

Just a year ago, Tiffany was working full-time as a Legal Assistant at a law firm and today she has quit her job and successfully transitioned to a thriving Virtual Assistant business.

In this video interview, Tiffany shares some valuable tips for those of you that are still working a regular job and would like to move to a more flexible Virtual Assistant career.

Watch and be inspired!


Join Tiffany and others in our May 2017 intake of VAClassroom University. Registration closes on May 22, 2017!

Check out all the details here!

Interview Highlights:

2:08 – How Tiffany transitioned from working as a full-time Legal Assistant to a successful Virtual Assistant in less than a year!

4:00 – The “ironic way” that Tiffany landed her very first client

6:00 – The greatest challenge she needed to overcome early on in her business

9:42 – The specific niche services Tiffany is finding success in right now

12:35 – Tiffany’s best strategies for finding new clients

16:48 – How VAClassroom University has impacted her business and opened new doors for her

Virtual Assistant Success Story

Lessons Learned from a 20-Year Virtual Assistant Veteran

Recently I had the great opportunity to interview one of our students and a long-time Virtual Assistant Professional, Kathie Thomas! Kathie started her Virtual Assistant business 24 years ago (even before the start of Windows 95 and Google). In this very interesting video interview, she shares some valuable insights into how she created a very successful and long-term VA business!

Take a few minutes to watch this very impactful interview!


Join Kathie and others in our September 2018 intake of VAClassroom University. Check out all the details here.


Interview Highlights:

1:10 – How Kathie launched her VA business and what she is doing today

9:07 – How Kathie’s business evolved with the growth of new technology

13:37 – Great advice for New VAs trying to discover their niche

16:09 – Kathie’s business lesson she learned from her Grandmother

16:58 – Why a 20-year VA Veteran decided to enroll at VAClassroom University

20:21 – Winning strategies for finding your first client

26:06 – The current landscape of the VA industry today



Virtual Assistant Success Story

Case Study: Virtual Assistant lands FOUR Clients in One Day!

Recently I interviewed one of our VAClassroom University students, Cindy Van Arnam, and was amazed at how quickly she built her Virtual Assistant business since starting from scratch in 7 months.

Take a few minutes and watch this impactful video as Cindy shares some super valuable and practical strategies for growing your VA Business here in 2017 and beyond!


Join Cindy and others in our January 2018 intake of VAClassroom University. Check out all the details here!


Interview Highlights:

2:25 – The biggest challenge Cindy had to overcome in her first year of business

3:25 – Cindy’s #1 strategy for working smarter and not harder with her clients

4:58 – How Cindy discovered her niche and “zone of genius”

7:05 – Cindy’s top strategy for finding new clients (This strategy helped her land four clients in one day)

9:18 – How VAClassroom University contributed to her success this year

11:53 – Lessons learned since starting her business 7 months ago

13:34 – The secret of success for any virtual assistant


The 2017 Virtual Assistant Annual Skill Report is Here!

I am super excited to share with you the 2017 edition of the Virtual Assistant Skills Report!

Based on a comprehensive survey completed by over 450 active Virtual Assistants, this 2017 VA Skills Report reveals some very interesting findings and insights on a variety of important topics such as:

Download Free Report Here!

– The most popular services requested in 2017
– The skills most important to the VA’s business
– The preferred method of learning new skills
– The average hourly rate
– The best ways to find clients in today’s market
– The best website platforms to use
– The top Social Media channel VAs use to grow their business
– The most popular project management tools and apps

Plus, the report compiles a list of 74 different services that VAs are being paid for right now.

Add Your First Name and Email Address to Download Your Free Report Here!