21 February

You're Better Than You Think!

Did you know that you’re better than you think…. that your skills, abilities and experience are way more incredible than you think they are.

In life (for various reasons), it is easy to develop an inaccurate lens by which we view our skills and abilities. We can be our own worst critic and this can really hinder us in business and life.

In this short video, I unpack five ways you can regain and retain an accurate view of your skills and abilities. This is a must watch as I share a personal story (that I’ve literally never shared before) that I think you’ll be able to relate to!


What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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7 thoughts on “You’re Better Than You Think!

  1. Thomas M. Clute, MSW

    Spot on. I live every part and it’s totality. It’s affirmative in a holistic, upbeat, practical and realism informed message.

    Your story anchors and draws me in, reminds me it’s OK, even healthy to be imperfect and humble, and also it’s critical to be fair and balanced in the lens through which I may have a very narrow, limited, or limiting perception which devalues my authentic, true reality of having so much to contribute and positively impact others lives.

    The suggestions to make a thorough assessment, take a complete inventory of all I’ve done and all I’ve become, is extremely nurturing, encouraging and supportive. It lifts limiting and self-depricating untruths, and journaling, too, as you recommended, allowes me to witness my own process over time.

    This teaching video really hit the spot for me today. I am now much more realistically empowered to renew my value and appreciate how others have, do and will value me, including my unique gifts, strengths and passions, my story, heart and specific offerings to my carefully selected niche audiences, to life in business and in life.

    Thank you so much!!

    Thomas M. Clute, MSW
    Resource Connections International
    Human Potential Explorer
    John Maxwell Team Teacher, Speaker and Coach
    Intentional Living as a Way of Being Signature Offerings
    Vancouver, Washington
    [email protected]

  2. Jamie Bateman

    Hi Craig! Wow was this timely! I’ve had a tough couple of days where I was feeling a bit lost and definitely suffering from the pangs of ‘epic failures’ and then I watched your video. 🙂

    I am guilty of being my own worst critic and need to remember my wins. Of course, without my mistakes, I would not have the inspiration I need to put one foot in front of the other and move forward into learning – even though my monkey mind is running in fear.

    Great video! It made me reflect on when I started my business and how far I have come in just a few short years — how much I’ve learned, grown and what I continue to do to improve myself on a daily basis — that is what I need to focus on and celebrate!

    Thanks for the reminder! Cheers!

  3. Maechell Ane Cristales

    This is so timely and precise! Currently, I am that someone who have lost some wonderful opportunities because of my prevalent self-doubt. I have submitted proposals, got on with interviews, then receive thank you e-mails saying another candidate was chosen to move forward and that my resume would be kept for future openings.

    It’s very frustrating but really just part of the game. I’d definitely practice the encouraging tips mentioned here and hopefully gain that extra confidence-muscle.

    Thanks for sharing this Craig!

    All the best!

  4. Natalia Porto

    Thanks Craig,
    I have always to keep an eye out on my internal critic. It can be very harsh and I can feel like everyone is much better than me… in anything. I agree that to keep on learning helps with that.


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