02 January

Student Overcomes Obstacle to Launch a Thriving VA Business!

“With virtual work, there are NO barriers”.

These are the wise words from Lisa Galletti who was diagnosed a year ago with a degenerative eye condition that prevented her from continuing in her in-house Payroll Specialist position. Lisa’s employer was not able to accommodate her health condition so she was forced to consider a new path for her life.

In this inspiring video interview, Lisa shares her transition from a long-term career as a Payroll Specialist to building a thriving new VA business supporting financial professionals!

Lisa shares some powerful nuggets of wisdom including:

– How she was able to marry her payroll background with a new VA niche in the financial sector
– How to minimize the “overwhelm” in starting your own VA business
– How virtual at-home work can open up a world of amazing opportunities

This one is a must watch!


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7 thoughts on “Student Overcomes Obstacle to Launch a Thriving VA Business!

  1. Cindy

    Awesome! Love this, and really hit home when Lisa mentioned the writing part, ie “lengthly emails”. While I am more graphics focused, I had started the Content Development course and now this put a fire under me to really finish that one! Thanks for this video and would love to see more like this! Think something like this is a huge benefit to those who are on the fence about our industry or even just starting and maybe not sure of their niche right now! Just one more reason why VACU is in my opinion an absolute must for any VA’s, whether contemplating it, just starting or seasoned! Thanks so much for this! And it’s fine to publish my email if you’d like!

  2. Darlene Dionne

    This was an excellent interview. Lisa is very open about her need to progress to working at home with a visual obstacle. But she seems on top of the issue and is now thriving as a VA. Although I am not currently available to pursue the VA experience as such, it still is in the back of my mind and I know that it’s available both for me to develop and also for me to utilize some of the skills I don’t have personally.

  3. Lynn Bell

    Thank you Lisa for sharing and inspiring me.
    I jumped into VAUniversity last spring but have been interrupted by various personal events and as a result have not been able to focus on this new venture as a VA. It is 2018 and I have things reasonably settled in my life but feel like I have lost my confidence in what I can do, what I can offer in services and feel I am second guessing myself. Listening to you and all of the VA members on FB are my constant support and reminder of what we can do and what is possible. Thank you for that.

  4. Sandy Seiler

    Hi everyone! I have met Lisa through a private group of bookkeepers and accountants. I feel like I have come to know her over the years.
    She has definitely researched and asked many people how she can help. She has an in-depth knowledge in payroll and most of the accounting functions. Its really great to see her florish and thrive with a purpose in the VA world. I can’t wait to talk to her about becoming my “VA as I am starting to dread the following up on the admin tasks related to my bookkeeping and business services! I enjoy interacting and training people/clients then coming back to the admin tasks of running my business!

    1. Craig Cannings

      Thanks for sharing Sandy! Lisa is definitely an inspiration and really carving out an excellent VA business for yourself. If you have any questions on the VA space, please don’t hesitate to drop us a note as well as [email protected].

  5. Claudia L White

    Congratulations Lisa on turning your disability into an ability to help others solve their problems!

    I am out in the Caribbean and I love reading these stories. There is really a wealth of opportunity out there. You just have to do a lot of digging.

    I am training right now at Transcribe Anywhere, and I am looking also to see what other services I shall be able to offer eventually.

  6. Anita Kilkenny

    What a wonderful story Lisa. You are an absolute inspiration and thank you for having the courage to share your story with us (and the world) Love having you as part of our VACU Community!


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