15 September

Lessons Learned from a 20-Year Virtual Assistant Veteran

Recently I had the great opportunity to interview one of our students and a long-time Virtual Assistant Professional, Kathie Thomas! Kathie started her Virtual Assistant business 24 years ago (even before the start of Windows 95 and Google). In this very interesting video interview, she shares some valuable insights into how she created a very successful and long-term VA business!

Take a few minutes to watch this very impactful interview!


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Interview Highlights:

1:10 – How Kathie launched her VA business and what she is doing today

9:07 – How Kathie’s business evolved with the growth of new technology

13:37 – Great advice for New VAs trying to discover their niche

16:09 – Kathie’s business lesson she learned from her Grandmother

16:58 – Why a 20-year VA Veteran decided to enroll at VAClassroom University

20:21 – Winning strategies for finding your first client

26:06 – The current landscape of the VA industry today



4 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from a 20-Year Virtual Assistant Veteran

  1. Diane Broad


    This was most interesting.

    My problem is I am disabled and have no transport, I use a wheeled walking frame, so am hardly able to stand for more than 1/2 a minute, at a guess.

    Have you any advice for people like me?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards

    Diane Broad
    ([email protected])

    1. Craig Cannings Post author

      Hi Diane,

      We like to think that with “Virtual Work there are no barriers”. We have many students who have barriers that prevent them from being mobile and working in an regular office. They will work remotely from home and have a flexible schedule to accommodate their unique challenges. One of our Mentors at our University was diagnosed with MS a number of years ago and her Virtual Assistant business proved to be a great lifeline for her. Today, she runs a thriving business from home (sometimes even from bed) and has a team working with her. There are GREAT opportunities for you in this industry right now!

  2. Leslie Keelty

    What an inspiring interview with Kathie Thomas! I’m a recently retired educator currently tutoring one 11-year old boy who wants to gain entry into private school. My long-term goal is to use my expertise to complement my one-on-one sessions with a virtual component. I’ll be sure to enroll with VA Uni when I’m ready to upgrade my skills!


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