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Hi friend,

Thanks for stopping by! In 2008, we first launched VAClassroom and fondly remember those initial seven students that said YES to our first program. It was a very humble beginning and at the time, we honestly never thought that we would go from that very first class to delivering over 150 courses to 10,000 students in over 50 countries around the world.

VAClassroom has now become the premier Online University for existing and aspiring Virtual Assistants seeking to build a rewarding and thriving business online!

But, we are just getting started…

I am very excited to introduce to you our newly designed Virtual Assistant University that will support and equip you to build and grow the ultimate Virtual Assistant business for yourself.

VAClassroom University is specially designed for Virtual Assistants like yourself to…

  • DISCOVER the most ideal Virtual Assistant niche or specialization that will fuel your passion and create the best income opportunities for you and your family moving forward.
  • LEARN and develop the right skills to attract better clients and elevate your income potential through our University featuring over 50 certifications, courses and workshops. Your continual learning is an absolute key to success for your business. Like entrepreneur Marie Forleo says, “You need to keep learning so you can keep earning.”
  • CONNECT with experienced instructors, supportive mentors and your own VA peers to gain support, overcome challenges and create new opportunities for your business. At VAClassroom University, you are NOT alone! We believe it “takes a village to raise up an entrepreneur.”
  • GROW your business to new levels every year as you fine-tune your skills, expand your services and create the kind of flexible and profitable VA business you’ve always dreamed of.

We created VAClassroom University to be your “one-stop” Professional Development platform to help you stay ahead of the curve, keep your skills sharp and deepen your client and income opportunities.

Have a further read below to see all that is included in our state-of-the-art VAClassroom University and please don’t hesitate to drop us a note if you have any questions along the way.

To your success in 2018 and beyond,

Craig and Kelly Cannings
VAClassroom University

How will VACLASSROOM UNIVERSITY grow my business?

The VAClassroom University is an easy to use, responsive and life-long learning platform that is built on a semester system and offers three enrollment intakes per year (September, January, May). The University features:

How will VACLASSROOM UNIVERSITY grow my business?

The VAClassroom University is an easy to use, responsive and life-long learning platform that is built on a semester system and offers three enrollment intakes per year (September, January, May). The University features:

How Will VAClassroom University Grow My Business in 2018?
  • Current and relevant VA training certifications, courses and programs so your skills stay sharp and in-demand
  • Monthly live skill workshops on the most popular topics selected by our VA Community
  •  A simple course tracking system to help you effectively monitor your learning progress
  • Interactive, private learning community complete with experienced mentors to ensure that ALL your questions get answered
  • Practical tutorials on the technology that is most important to you and your clients
  • Software Sandbox to practice using a variety of important software such as Infusionsoft, MailChimp, GSuite, ConvertKit and LeadPages
  • 70+ helpful resource guides and checklists that you can quickly apply to the work you are doing with your clients
  • Powerful video interviews with successful virtual assistants and experts
  • A Professional Virtual Assistant Directory to prominently showcase your skills and abilities in a visually appealing profile page to be seen by lots of new clients
  • The monthly "Learning Curve" publication delivered to your inbox complete with valuable articles, tips and tools to keep your VA skills sharp!

Here is a Quick Snapshot of the Important Business Building Features of VAClassroom University…

Semester Schedule of New Training Opportunities (January 2018)

Semester Schedule of New Training Opportunities (January 2018)

VAClassroom University offers three intakes in September, January and May and features three semesters of NEW certifications, courses and workshops.

Based on ongoing surveys and input from our advisory board, new programs & courses are developed each semester to help you develop the most in-demand skills and services for your business. Each semester features 1 new certification, 1 core course and 4 interactive workshops. That equates to 18 new and relevant courses per year!

Industry-Leading Certification Programs

Industry-Leading Certification Programs

Access comprehensive and easy-to-learn VA Certification Programs across seven key tracks: Social Media, Internet Marketing, Virtual Events, Content Development, Business Management,  Technology, and Graphic Design.

(Read below to learn more about the specific courses included in each track.)

VAClassroom University includes a database of certification courses featuring short, practical videos, quizzes, resources, and checklists.

VAClassroom has partnered with the 3rd party accreditation company, Accredible to deliver our professional digital certifications that easily integrate with your Linked Profile as well as your website and other Social Media channels.

Comprehensive Course Library

Comprehensive Course Library

Access a large library of powerful, skill-building courses each designed to help you improve and expand the skills and services you offer your clients!

Our course library includes both “Business-Building” programs that help you set up, market and grow your business in an effective way as well as “Skill-Building” courses designed to improve and expand the services you offer your clients.

Pick and choose the right type of skill-based courses to meet your current and evolving needs. There is literally a course for every possible niche and need with more being added each month.

Monthly Skill Workshop

Monthly Skill Workshop

Join us every month for a new, LIVE, interactive 90-minute workshop on Virtual Assistant topics that matter to you!

Through ongoing surveys and input from the VAClassroom Mentors and other business advisors, our team is fully dialed into the skilled-based topics that are most pertinent to your growth and success.

The live workshops will be recorded and posted in an established archive of awesome training!

Tech Corner (Software / Apps Tutorials)

Tech Corner (Software / Apps Tutorials)

At some point, all of you as Virtual Assistants need to get your “geek on” and learn new technology that is vital to your business and your clients.

Our “Tech Corner” offers practical, step-by-step tutorials on software and apps most relevant to your business including social media management tools, project management tools, landing page tools, ecommerce tools, productivity tools and so much more.

VA Resource Centre

VA Resource Centre

In the work you do, there are so many systems that need to be set up and managed for your business (and your clients)!

The Resource Centre simplifies your life with over 70 practical guides and checklists across a variety of areas to help improve the delivery of your services and the operation of your business.

VA Success Interviews

VA Success Interviews

Watch or listen to a whole variety of interviews with successful Virtual Assistants and other experts on key topics important to you.

One of the BEST ways to grow as a Virtual Assistant is to simply watch and learn how other top Virtual Assistants have been able to build profitable businesses.

Virtual Office Hours (with Chief Learning  Officer, Craig Cannings)

Virtual Office Hours (with Chief Learning Officer, Craig Cannings)

Access a LIVE monthly Q&A webinar with Craig and special guests where you can bring your questions, challenges and discussion topics that are important to your business right now.

The monthly Virtual Office Hours is a great place to connect live with other VAs and get up to speed on pertinent topics in our industry.

Regular Course Upgrades

Regular Course Upgrades

Access ongoing upgrades to our most popular and in-demand training programs so you can keep your skills sharp and up-to-date. At VAClassroom University, we do regular upgrades on our flagship programs such as the “Social Media Marketing Specialist” Program as the technology evolves so quickly!

Software Practice Area

Software Practice Area

Access our popular Software Sandbox featuring a variety of premium and paid software that your clients need you to know. This is the perfect place to practice using industry leading software so you can effectively support your clients!

Private University Facebook Group

Private University Facebook Group

Access a thriving community of like-minded VA Entrepreneurs to discuss business topics and to share successes as well as tools and resources with one another.

The Private Facebook Group is closely moderated by myself along with six amazing Mentors who have a combined experience of over 40 years in the VA industry! You will be in GREAT hands in our community.

A Special Message for NEW Virtual Assistants

A Special Message for NEW Virtual Assistants

One of the greatest challenges to launching a Virtual Assistant business is simply “GETTING STARTED”!

Fortunately, we have completely simplified the process for you by including our VAC 101 Program in our University. This popular 10-module course is designed to help you start a Virtual Assistant business from scratch and lay a foundation to build your business and progress to further skills training within the University.

Join the University Notification List for the May 2018 Intake!

Pam Atkins,Admin Sidekick

Whether you’re a brand new VA or a seasoned business owner, I’d highly recommend anyone seeking professional development and growing their VA business to join the VAC University. The collection of Certified courses, Library, monthly Office Hours plus the Facebook group create a rich learning environment and encouraging atmosphere. There’s an attitude of excellence in everything they do. I’m thrilled to be a student in the VAC University community!Pam Atkins, Admin Sidekick

Join the University Notification List for the May 2018 Intake!

VAClassroom gave me the tools I needed when I started my business years ago. I started with 1 client and now I have over 20 accounts and a lot of great clients.
Sabrina Espinal

Your sneak preview of VACLASSROOM UNIVERSITY

VAClassroom University offers an easy-to-use, easy to track and fully mobile responsive learning platform that enables you to quickly access your training programs and courses when you want and where you want!

Take 5 minutes and join this Guided Tour of our exciting “new-look” VA University!

Start Guided Tour Here.

Start sneak preview here

I can’t say enough about VAClassroom. I have taken numerous courses and each one has proven to be an invaluable resource. Craig Cannings has a wonderful way of explaining sometimes complex ideas and does so with infinite patience. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my training. VAClassroom is where it’s at!
Tracey Ehman


“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs

One of the keys to building a highly successful Virtual Assistant Business is to find an in-demand niche service that you LOVE to do! At VAClassroom University, we offer an array of specialized training certifications and courses across six primary tracks.

Hover over each of the below six tracks to discover the specific course listings currently available at VAClassroom University. (Note: Click the + button in each to download the full 2018 course catalog).

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media

  • Social Marketing Specialist Program
  • Social Media Advertising Program
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Image Marketing Success
  • Create Engaging Social Media Posts
  • Building Your Brand with Facebook Live
Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

  • Internet Marketing Specialist Program
  • Ecommerce Support Specialist Program
  • Product Launch VA Program
  • Email List Building
  • Create a Killer Free Offer



  • WordPress Foundation Program
  • InfusionSoft Foundation Program
  • ConvertKit Course
  • MailChimp Course
  • LeadPages Mastery
  • Mastering GSuite
  • Mastering OptimizePress
  • VA Technology Toolbox
Virtual Events

Virtual Events

Virtual Events

  • Virtual Event Marketing Specialist
  • Online Events Management
  • Podcast Production Specialist
  • How to Coordinate Virtual Conferences
  • Create Engaging Online / Live Streaming Videos
Content Development

Content Development

Content Development

  • Content Development VA Program
  • Create Online Newsletters
  • Content Marketing Bootcamp
  • Create Engaging Sales Pages
  • Design an Effective Blog Post
  • Create Online Presentations
  • Design Online Courses
  • How to Repurpose Online Content
Business Management & Support

Business Management & Support

Business Management & Support

  • Project Management Specialist
  • Attract Clients Now
  • Create Client Proposals
  • Customer Support Rockstar
  • Internet Research Skills
  • Business Planning 101
  • Price and Package Your VA Services
  • Subcontracting and Building Virtual Teams
Ranee Boyd Tomlin

After thorough research, I chose VAClassroom to provide further training for my content management services. During my first semester, the instructors, mentors, and VAC Facebook-group members created a learning community that was supportive, responsive, experienced, and dynamic beyond my expectations. I am grateful to have connected with this comprehensive, learner-friendly, and cost-effective option for growing a VA business that embraces the rapidly changing technology and needs of today’s virtual business climate.
Ranee Boyd Tomlin, PhD

Program Schedule

I think your training programs at VAClassroom are the best out there! I like your delivery, practical, engaging videos, the way you present information in manageable modules and your overall professionalism.
Lara Nieberding

The University Faculty and Mentors

Meet Our University Mentors:






Susan Weeks  - UK

Susan Weeks - UK





Since starting VAClassroom in 2008, we have built a solid reputation for providing high-quality and in-demand Virtual Assistant training. As a result, many small business entrepreneurs now regularly contact us seeking talented VAs for a whole variety of projects.

It is extremely important to us that your skills and experience be on display in order to ignite your visibility with ideal clients.

So, as part of the Annual Enrollment Package to VAClassroom University, you will receive a visually appealing Virtual Assistant Profile Web Page in our Professional VA Directory! This will be an excellent opportunity for you to get connected with a wave of Entrepreneurs in need of your awesome skills and experience!

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 11.15.30 AM

Sample Profile from the VA Directory:

“Hear from these clients whose businesses have been made better by VAClassroom Graduates”.

The True Value of VAClassroom University

For many years, we created a wide range of specialized VA Programs that students were able to purchase on an individual or al-la-carte basis. So, if students were seeking Infusionsoft Training, they would enroll in either our Level 1 or Level 2 programs.

This is what our tuition model has looked like for 8 years:

  • Certification Course
  • Skill-Based Course
  • Clinic or Workshop
  • $297
  • $147
  • $47-$67

But, a common concern we’d often hear from our students is: “I am really needing multiple courses, but can ONLY afford to take one.”

It is important to us that you are able to access the right training at the right time in the most cost-effective way possible. So, in keeping with our ongoing commitment to offer the most current and affordable VA Training, VAClassroom University has just gotten a lot more attractive to you (and your training budget).

From Al-La-Carte Model to All-In-One University

In our new VAClassroom University, there are over 45 high relevant and in-demand Certifications, Courses and Workshops. As part of your enrollment in our University, you will receive access to EVERYTHING.

if we were still using our old tuition model, your education costs would breakdown like this:

11 Certification Courses @$297 each $3267
24 Skill-Based Courses @$147 each $3528
10 Workshops @$47 each $470

That’s over $7200 dollars of industry-leading courses included in the new VAClassroom University

Plus, as part of your Annual Enrollment, you will receive 18 NEW courses each year including:

3 major certifications programs ($994 value)
3 skill-based courses ($441 value)
12 interactive workshops ($564 value)

That’s an additional $1886 in valuable training offered every year to go along with the $7200+ worth of training already available in our University!

But not to worry, VAClassroom University will be a whole lot more affordable for you than $9,000+ in training! Keep on reading below.

How to Enroll at VAClassroom University Today

Two Easy Annual Enrollment Plans to Choose From:

SELECT YOUR ANNUAL (365 Day) PLAN: Annual 1 Pay Plan

Annual 12 Pay Plan


50+ Certifications, Courses & Workshops($7200 value)
New In-Demand Training Programs 18 NEW COURSES ($1886 value) 18 NEW COURSES ($1886 value)
VA Resource Centre with Practical Guides & Checklists
Interactive Course Discussion Boards
Tech Corner Software / App Tutorials
VA Success Interviews
Monthly Office Hours Q&A Webinars with Craig
Ongoing Support from Our World-Class VA Mentors
Professional VA Certifications Powered by Accredible
Monthly Access to the Learning Curve publication
Facebook Learning Community
VAClassroom Professional VA Directory


1 Payment of $597

12 Monthly
Payments of



The VAClassroom 15-Day Cancellation Policy

I am absolutely confident that your annual enrollment in VAClassroom University will be an immensely valuable step forward for you, and will help you build and grow a rewarding and profitable Virtual Assistant business over the next 12 months.

Still, I want to be absolutely sure it is the right fit for you. So take 15 DAYS to check out and evaluate the University. If for any reason you decide our University it is not for you, then please contact our team at [email protected] and we will cancel your annual commitment with us and refund your tuition right away.

moneyback moneyback

Craig Cannings

Co-Founder / Chief Learning Officer

VAClassroom University

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