12 January

What Does The Virtual Assistant Lifestyle Mean To You?

Since 2002, I have had this amazing privilege to be able to work virtually from home (or wherever). To be honest, it has been life-changing for a couple different reasons.

Have a watch of this short video as I share a few stories of some inspiring individuals who have pursued the virtual lifestyle for very good reason!


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18 thoughts on “What Does The Virtual Assistant Lifestyle Mean To You?

  1. Sunnie Paderanga

    The Virtual Assistant lifestyle means I get to quit my 9-5 to be home with my children while earning an income so that it’s not on my husband to provide all of it and have that be a burden to him.

  2. Precious

    The VA lifestyle to me, would be that most Precious opportunity to be able to spend quality time with my growing family and be in control of my finances at the same time! The idea itself is quiet fulfilling and i am glad i am able to take training at the VAC UNIVERSITY towards fulfilling that goal.
    Thank you for sharing your story Craig!

  3. Shelley McKenzie

    What a wonderful and inspiring story, Craig. It’s so nice that you’re both able to work from home and be able to support each other. I too love the work from home lifestyle. I have three daughters and love to be here when they get home from school, when they’re sick, or off. I’m so happy to not have to drive in rush hour every day. Because I have a full practice, I don’t quite feel the “work when I want” vibe but I know I can create my own rules and boundaries when necessary. So, I agree with you that I’m not in his for the beach lifestyle… yet! In the long term (retirement) my husband and I have plans to spend long periods of time travelling in an RV and I know I’ll be able to continue my work from anywhere I happen to end up.

  4. Raquel Martinez

    Dear Craig,
    Attending the VA Summit hosted by Sabrina Carcasole last year allowed me the opportunity to know about VAClassroom and, of course, after watching your videos, I can figure out the VA lifestyle. The VA business model is raising in Venezuela and I am in the phase of searching information to develop my business to start up. VA lifestyle would mean to me the transition from my 8-5 working hours to a flexible time for offering my expertise in admin processes…I already dream with it!
    Thank you for encouraging me to conquer this path.

  5. Debbie

    Tired of the corporate office politics. I’m still working full time and I make decent money but not real happy with my job even though I’ve been there almost 30 years. I don’t want to look for another job and go into the same situation. I’m in my 50s and would like to set myself up to be in business for myself. I have tons of experience as an office assistant/projects BUT honestly I’m having a difficult time believing that there is work as a virtual assistant and I can work from home. I continue taking the courses and I’m nitch is project management, business management. Don’t think the social media stuff is really for me.

  6. Deborah J.

    I feel smothered by the 9-5 and also it has run its course as being reliable financial source. With all the companies either restructuring, downsizing, or being bought out by another company, it has left me totally frazzled. I also want more autonomy with how my days are spent. If I’m going to work hard and be dedicated then I want it to be for a cause that is for my benefit and not someone else’s dream.

  7. Debbie Neil

    The virtual lifestyle will mean I can get out of the
    8 to 5 rat race and work on my own schedule. My
    son has a growing family and works odd hours. The
    virtual life style means I will be able to help them
    out and spend more time with them. I am new
    to VAClassroom and am excited to start my
    journey. Thank you for your story. It is truly

  8. Pamela

    Your personal story touches me. I, too, was very ill during the beginning of my business journey. Being obligated to a 9 – 5 boss at that time would have been nearly impossible. Being able to work when I felt well enough at no particular time of day was great. As I got better and was able to devote more time energy to my business, it began to take off like a rocket. I’ve always had an entrepreneur spirit and loved figuring out a way to make a living doing something I enjoyed. As a multi-VA company, I am able to take time off knowing that my team will still be there to make sure our clientele is taken care of. I only wish the technology was there when I was a single parent and sole support of 5 small children.

  9. Lisa Doiron

    The virtual lifestyle will mean to me that I will continue to be available in every way I am needed for my 7 year old son who has special needs as well as his twin sister without continuing to put all of the financial burden on my husband. I am currently able to volunteer with the school often, stay in close contact with his teachers and his therapists, do research, schedule and take him to all his therapies and appointments, work with him at home daily and be around when they are sick or off school. I would not be able to do any of that if I was still working my 8-5 in corporate or health care administration and commuting back and forth! The thought of having to go back to a day job and give up all the gains that those things give my family gives me much anxiety! Having the freedom to do those things and still bring home and income (and hopefully travel someday) will mean so much to me when I get my business up and running! I just wish I had known about it when I was pregnant and could have started then! Thanks for the inspiration Craig and Kelly!

  10. Hellen Faulkenberry

    I have been a virtual assistant for 8 years now, since 2008. My reasons then are different now, but that’s the beauty of this lifestyle, it is so versatile! When I began, my husband was flipping houses, we had three young kids, home-schooling and we were not able to make ends meet. I began VAing as a way to bring in additional income while still home-schooling my kids. Since then, our family has taken a very dramatic and fulfilling turn. My husband became a missionary-pastor with a North American based, rural church ministry. This turn was his calling in life and therefore mine, too. In 2010, we were placed on our 1st field in So Central Nebraska and I took my VA business with me. We spent 4 wonderful years serving that field and then God relocated us to a field in No. Central Minnesota and I took my VA business with me again. We have been here for two years and are doing what we love and I feel so blessed to be able to contribute to meeting the needs of my family. PTL!

    1. Craig Cannings Post author

      What an incredible ministry you and husband have and it is so cool to hear how your “portable” VA business has helped you and your family financially along the way. Thanks so much for sharing your story!

  11. Kendra

    This opportunity means that I will no longer have to trade my time, rest, peace, family or dreams in to work a traditional 9–5 job. My ultimate desire is to be able to spend more time with my kids (17 year old daughter and 2 year old son), to create memories with them without feeling the dread of using time off in order to spend time with them. Or having to be home only because they are sick, during the week. I want to be free to be a mom, whatever time of the day or week it may be, without the burden of worrying about losing my job. I also love to help and volunteer at church, and this would allow me to the ability to both without choosing. I am grateful for my friend, who introduced becoming a VA to me a couple of months ago. I actually met her at my new church and it’s just a confirmation, that I’m at the right place at the right time! Thank you so much for the instructions, advice and information that you provide.

    1. Craig Cannings Post author

      Thanks for sharing Kendra… it sure sounds like you have a very clear purpose on why you want to pursue a VA business. You are joining this field at a perfect time given the rapidly growing opportunities available. Enjoy the journey!

  12. Doris Bond Kyles

    . My pursuit for doing this business is the flexibility and the opportunity to establish a business. And an opportunity to finance a non-profit business.

  13. Amy Smith

    A virtual assistant position would mean I can quit my current part-time job in retail and do something I enjoy while at home. It would mean a lot less stress in my life and hopefully being able to go part-time at my current 8-5 position.

  14. Ivana Matteo

    Before I begin to state what a virtual lifestyle means to me, I want to say to Kelly, I am very sorry for your health struggles. I can empathize and sympathize with you. In 2014, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that I apparently had for 24 years which was constantly misdiagnosed. Shortly thereafter I lost my full-time job and spent the last year and half regaining my health. During this time away from full time work, I had 3 unsuccessful work attempts which was very discouraging. Having regained some of my energy, I knew it was time to get back to work, but I needed to be able to accommodate myself as I’m still on a partial disability. I have 20 years of strong administrative experience and the last 6 years I supported executives remotely. Creating my own virtual assistant business has been exactly what I needed and something achievable. It means time to spend with my family after the unexpected death of my mother; freedom to attend my medical appointments and procedures; resting when necessary; having flexibility to volunteer in a Bible education program; and best of all still being able to do what I love and am good at. Like you Kelly and Craig, I foresee this being my lifeline. I am grateful that I have found VAClassroom to help me build my business and gain the growth I need to do so.

    1. Craig Cannings Post author

      Thanks for sharing your story Ivana! It sounds like you have had a tough go over the past few years. We are so glad that you are enjoying our training and look forward to getting to know you better. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a note if you have any questions at all. I do hope your VA Business will be an excellent “lifeline” for you!

  15. Uma niranjan kulkarni

    Thanks for sharing your experience craig .virtual assistant to me is leaving my 8 to 5.30 job in pharmaceutical company and enjoying a stress free lifestyle with family taking care of my 8 old daughter . Enjoying and learning tools to build my business as a VA


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